Lord Boyzici (boyzici) wrote,
Wednesdays are proving not to be one of the better days of the week. I really ought not to drink much at poker. I came 14th last night from 29 players. Jeff came down and ended up 24th. I limped through the evening hoping to break the top 16 and so enter the points. I was happy enough with how I did. There was one very hot guy on my table and when I made a play he had a habit of staring me in the eyes trying to guess what I was doing. He didn't get any information out of me cos all I was thinking was 'hot, hot, hot'. Anyhow, it was a cheap thrill. After, i went for a pint or three with Jeff and Simon.

Oh, Andy came for a pre-poker drink. There I was thinking I was meeting a bunch of new people and it turned out that Andy knows half of them. Bristol is far too small. Also, I just checked my rankings. I am currently 32nd in the Bristol league out of 250+ players.

This morning I came in to work to find the porters on the front desk sniggering. Bryanboy sent me some stickers, but on the envelope he liberally sprinkled some hearts. I did go slightly red...

And the sticker:

So all I need to do now is find some unsuitable places to stick them.

This evening England play Croatia at football. I have managed to arrange a Lib Dem meeting for the same time. Mega Doh.
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